violet (amythis) wrote,

Popularity breeds contempt

Among the many things I don't understand in life* are these LJ things where you plunk your user name in and wham, there's an evaluation. I tried a popularity thing I found on rhonan's LJ and this is what it says in part:

amythis's LiveJournal popularity rating is 3.90/10.
amythis is more popular than 97.6% of all LiveJournal users.
amythis is more popular than 66.7% of their mutual friends.

So one can only conclude, most LJ users are terribly unpopular. I have two theories, which are not mutually exclusive. One, a lot of people have LJs only so they can read other people's LJs, and they don't post much if at all, so they tend not to get friended and/or read. Two, I happen to have extremely popular friends (well, "acquaintances" or "friendly strangers" would be more accurate terms in most cases), and so my friend-of-friend mojo is through the roof.

*E.g. How do I change my oil? Or rather, my car's oil.
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