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The perfect blend of smut, angst, and humor

Subtle innuendos follow

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This has mostly turned into a venue for my fanfiction, most of it housed in my memories. (And much of it now AU pre-Hallows Potterfic.) As of 7/26/10 this consists of--

Harry Potter and the Threeway Charm: Harry, Ron, and Hermione get together the Winter of their 6th year. Ranges from PG-13 to soft NC-17. 60 chapters plus Prologue and Epilogue. (A different version of this appears at triofic.com)
Harry Potter and the Shattering Climax: Harry, Ron, and Hermione break up right before their seventh year. Will they get back together in time to defeat Voldemort? Ranges from PG-13 to soft NC-17. 60 chapters plus Epilogue.
Yule: A Yule-Ball ficlet from Neville's perspective, with thoughts on the H/R/H Trio. PG-13.
Hesitation: A Ron Story: Ron's changing feelings about Harry and Hermione, from the middle of Year 3 to shortly after Year 5. PG-13 to R. 11 chapters. (Deliberately follows a different chain of events than my other HP fiction.)
Ginny Weasley and the Pureblood Prince: Alternating first-person narration by Draco Malfoy and Ginny Weasley, mostly covering the gap between Chapter 60 and the Epilogue of Shattering Climax. PG-13 to soft NC-17. 36 chapters.
Partners: One chapter about what happens when Harry and Ron go to the Yule Ball together. AU and inconsistent with all this other fanfic. PG but does get Trio-ish by the end.
Unhappy Triad: Now in their mid-20s and venturing into parenthood, Harry, Hermione, and Ron worry about their relationship, and as is common in my fanfic they resolve things through hot vanilla sex. Therefore hard R or soft NC-17. Same universe as HPTC, HPSC, and GWPP. First-person narration by each character, in three chapters (of course).
Fred fragment: Beginning of a Fred/Luna story that I never finished. Set in the usual universe. Two chapters, PG-13.
Not What It Looks Like: When Ron and Hermione try to help Harry retrieve the Horcruxes, it changes the Trio's friendship in many ways. PG-13 to soft NC-17. 56 chapters.
Rhymes with Witch: Short story (three chapters) about Ginny's personality change in HBP. Different universe than usual, but technically not AU with canon. Mostly PG-13, with R-ishness in the last chapter.
Two by Two: This NC-17 short story (4-chapters) contains Weasley/Patil double twincest, though it's more het than slash. Set over three Decembers, from what would be Harry Potter's 5th year to 7th. Different universe than usual (esp with the joke shop). Rotating POV.
Sides: For once, words are hard for Hermione, as she tries to write about how she celebrated her 18th birthday with Harry and Ron. Different universe than usual, four short chapters, strong R-rating.
End, Middle, Beginning: Ron and Hermione offer shelter to a grieving Harry and his difficult daughter. Different universe than usual and set the Summer Harry turns 36. 15 chapters, ranging from PG13 to NC17.
A Perfect Couple: No one knows the truth about Cedric and Cho's relationship. Rated hard R/ soft NC-17 for slash and het content. Contradicts most of my other fic, one way or another. Nearly canonical, except that I killed off Cho's dad, and I turned Summers and Summerby into one person because it seemed silly to have two boys with similar names in Hufflepuff. Set mostly during the time of Goblet of Fire. 17 chapters, plus Prologue and Epilogue.
Change of Heart: POV of Tonks, set from slightly before OotP to slightly after HBP. Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, Tonks/various people. Rated NC-17 for het, slash, femmeslash, gender-bending sex, mild Twincest, distant-cousin-cest, rimming, masturbation, group sex, sex between animals, and graphic celibacy. Oh, and language. 23 chapters.
You Read My Mind: One year after defeating Voldemort, Harry and Ron are monogamous boyfriends. But an Auror class with Hermione might change that. Rated soft NC-17 for those kind of thoughts. Four chapters.
The Doorway: After Voldemort's death, Harry sets out on a journey without a clear destination, but Ron and Hermione will help him find his way. Rated soft NC-17 for not very explicit sex, mostly offstage violence, and some well-loved Latin and Anglo-Saxon terms. 35 chapters.
The Wireless: Ginny forces Harry to face his feelings for Ron and Hermione, despite the cost to them all. A novel-length (64 chapters plus Epilogue) Hallows-Epilogue-compliant Triofic, covering 2008 to 2038. More hard R than soft NC-17, because the sex isn't that explicit. OTOH it's definitely a story about grown-ups. Although it focuses on Harry, Ron, and Hermione, there are multiple POVs. Different versions of this story appear at triofic.com and thequidditchpitch.org.
Hermione Granger's Diary (I Mean Journal): A series offering Hermione's POV of all seven canonical books (except not JKR's Epilogue). There are 161 chapters total, in six books, since Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets are so short that my Book One covers from Hermione's 11th birthday to the end of her second year at Hogwarts. It won't necessarily be consistent with my other fic, but hopefully it'll be relatively consistent with canon. The rating ranges from G to NC-17. And while the series is not Triofic per se (not with canon to contend with), it certainly has some trio-y moments.
      Book One: Discovery, 29 chapters. (Shorter, PG version is at thequidditchpitch.org)
      Book Two: Time, 18 chapters. (PG version at thequidditchpitch.org)
      Book Three: Rivalry, 27 chapters.
      Book Four: Rebellion, 32 chapters.
      Book Five: Want, 22 chapters.
      Book Six: Plans, 33 chapters.

Pensieve, in which Harry and Ron read Hermione's diaries, I mean journals. Rated NC-17, about sixty chapters total.

Uncompleted series, Accio Adulthood: Continuing on from Pensieve, this would've covered the three years of Harry's Auror training, but I only got through the first year, seven stories. Rated NC-17 for language and sexual content.
      Unexpected Reactions: This covers the rest of the summer that Pensieve is set. There are 33 chapters, with rotating POV among the Trio, with a few guest POVs, although less than in The Wireless.
      Right and Easy Choices: When Harry gives Rita Skeeter an interview, it has unintended consequences, especially for Percy. Thirty chapters.
      First Christmas: Harry and Hermione have a couple weeks off from Auror training and magical law school, and they want to spend as much time with each other and Ron as they can. But there are complications, from a wedding to winter colds. Thirty chapters. Rated NC-17 for various kinds of sex. Contains brief, mild bondage, and snuggling in an igloo.
      Assuming Responsibility: As a new semester begins for Harry and Hermione, they and Ron have to cope with some new problems. Thirty-one chapters.
      An Unimportant Birthday: Harry and Hermione help Ron celebrate his big one-nine. Twenty chapters.
      Teddy's Return: Teddy visits for the Easter holidays, while the Trio look forward to Summer. Twenty-two chapters.
      Inaccessible: The Trio take their year-end exams and spend two weeks apart. Eighteen chapters.

Also, a G-rated Dan & Rupert friendfic, When They Met, Only one chapter.

And not Harry-Potter-related--
Crowded House: A Fruits Basket Story: Tohru Honda finds a way to break the Sohmas' curse. R or NC-17, with moments of PG-13. 13 chapters. Based on the anime, not the manga.

Diana of Avonlea: Diana always loved Anne of Green Gables, despite their frequent separations over the years. Nine chapters, rated R for more romance than smut. These characters and many of the slashy lines belong to L.M. Montgomery.

My current friending policy is based on the likeliness of you either reading my fic or hanging out with me in a small group. I'm going to be on LJ less now that I'm done writing fanfic, and probably even less than that once the final Harry Potter film is out.

amythis's alphabetical answers to FUQ:
1. About twelve but it was mostly cuddling
2. All of them to some degree
3. Breasts
4. Clean living
5. Fine, and you?
6. 5'3" (shrunk an inch)
7. Goblet of Fire originally, but now Deathly Hallows.
8. I don't know but I can check.
9. I hadn't really thought about it.
10. I like to help people.
11. I thought everyone was this way.
12. I'm ambivalent.
13. It's a long story.
14. My mom died when I was three.
15. No, not yet
16. Nondenominational pagan
17. Paul McCartney and Suzanne Pleshette
18. A sense of humor
19. '70s sitcoms
20. Some time in my 20s
21. Spaghetti
22. Twice, to a man for 4 years and my job for almost 6 years
23. Over 5 years later, I'm pretty much recovered.
24. Un pocito
25. Well, how do you define sex?
26. "Will I regret it more if I do it or I don't do it?", "Who will it harm?", and "Will it help me get laid?"
27. The Wizard of Oz
28. Yes, by absentee ballot but I'm mostly apathetic.

"The job of an apple tree is to bear apples. The job of a storyteller is to tell stories...."-- James Michener

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